Castle On The Hill
Birds spread their wings across the mountains to the sea,
To reach the other end in spring to spring;
Beehives drenched with nectar’s elaborated
Out of feathery flower beds by the bees.
Country roads clad in vermilion tinted sheets,
As the earth’s been kissed and hugged by fallen withered leaves.
Everything will change with the perpetual change,
But our hearts for each other forever chant the same melody;

I and my Jake.B.Kennedy.
Where the magical mist plays around and the cerulean clouds float,
Where the gentle sun shines over the flakey crystals and makes my love glow,
In a castle on the hill covered with snow.
I look golden as the sun radiates through honey,
He looks cerise as showered with red roses’ beauties,
Whilst sparkling sunshine bathes our skins,
He never let my lips wear blue cracked grin;

And steals the bone-chilling winds,
When velvet vanilla of mine seals soft sanguine of his.
When you lay your love on me my love,
I live million moments in that moment

With you my love Jake.B.Kennedy,
I land in paradise, the eternal bliss;
These high rise walls witness our imperishable love breaking the barriers.
Everything will change with the perpetual change,
But our hearts for each other forever chant the same melody;

Till the waters run deep,
Till the greens silently breathe,
Till the earth bleed and breed;
Crawling dead white silence, drifts of foggy clouds, the very skeptic.

Might paint our sky grey,
To turn our world bleak;
But no one can blemish our love no one will,
Because we’re meant to be Together by God’s will.
Though we’re born half world away, still born
To be affined, these grounds whereon our cosmic love,
passion and clemency, it sows the seeds of,
In this castle on the hill covered with snow.

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