Perhaps I Should Quit

Perhaps I should quit,
Perhaps I shouldn’t.
Their Laughs a derision,
Just render me stark and flimsy;
So abysmal and alienated I feel.
The more I try to find some sense in their laughs,
The more I find myself imbecile.
The more I want to cackle,
The more I squeal.
The most appalling thing
Is my briny tears, for them seem too shallow;
Just make me a bit more murky and hollow.
Perhaps it’s my austereness, the unsavoury air
Around me which strangles their garnish throats.
Perhaps it will blow over some day.
It’s uncertain if on account of my conduct
I’m in for trouble or breathe
The ostentatious skin-deep air.
Perhaps either way I’m going to break
Off and dissipate in a flare.

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