The Hypocritical Veil

What is “Living Your Life”? What does this phrase mean? I guess sometimes people make wrong perception and misunderstood this thing. “Living Your Life” is like “Finding Your Self”. You must be thinking that why I am emphasising on something which is intangible, illegible and so deep to get lost in it, when it comes to looking for it. Once you put on the hypocritical veil, you are just someone else everyday except yourself.

Venturing into the woods, feeling the depths of the sea and the heights of the tides beneath your feet, indulged in writing, breathing the air coalescing solitariness and travelling alone, en route to find your roots. There is nothing like “Profanity” or “Insanity”. Here you cannot say one is adventurous and the other recluse. It is all just the way of seeking pleasure, ecstasy and rejuvenating yourself; when you know what you want which makes you jubilant.

It is all and everything about living without losing yourself. When not just your flesh and bones respond to the profound inexplicable happiness, but when your senses feel the same too, when your conscience can perceive the subtle differences to enjoy the sublime delicacies in life.

The Hypocritical Veil

What is the point of sharing Camaraderie with the world, alienating your soul? It is up to you whether you want your inner self to be shallow and superficial or showered with the glorious naked novel truth, abandoning the hypocritical veil because it seems as dead as corpse under the shroud.

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