Her aching smile and augmenting beauty
Oblivious to her it seems
What ageing is her grief

The more she hides
I find her in disguise
The more she reveals
I can hear her screams

It’s been twice she went on an errand
When I watched her sliding in the Sugarland
An abode of winze but indeed she’s its habitant

She wonders, if it’s true
Why she isn’t through with what she’s been going through
Brooding over the dirge the sparrow now dead used to
Sing, her crystal clear eyes look dove and dew

To watch her bleed and burn
Renders me impotent with my charred lungs
And scorpions sting beneath my tongue

It rips me apart from head to toe
When I witness the stoic belle
Shredding a fold of her wimpish frame each day
Her throes alike love has begun but is incessant

Want to bring her back from venturing ebon woods
Want to show her silver linings, beauties of springs
Alas, I ended up biting the dust, succumbed easily
Left her in rue, just couldn’t do anything.

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