The Leaf Of A Blue Fig Tree


Wish you were a greeny leaf of a blue fig tree;
So when you’d turn rusty and scorched, beckoned by the autumn wind,
I know that I could see you again at the same place
A fresh scion in approaching spring.
I know!

Wish you were a wave rising of the azure sea;
So when you’d turn gentle, start falling down at sluggish speed,
I know that I could see you again at the same place
Across the waters, hailing fiercely.
I know!

Wish you were a heap of an ecru sand under the golden blaze;
So when you’d disappear and desert to the nigh deserts,
I know that I could see you again at the same place
So aloof, so pacific unswayed by the Samiels.
I know!


Wish it could be facile to ward off the evil bits & bobs,
Look to the white hopes over the past ebon-kiss of death,
Breathe mellowly over the woeful sigh,
Watch the same like before as I open my eyes,
Head off the out of sorts’ hazy weather,
Wish we all could be like birds of the same feather.

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