The Man Of Fair Deeds

He is the man of fair deeds, an unpretentious
Soul who follows his own creed
An heir of sixty’s folk
A king of seventy’s rock
An effigy for dreadful liars
A prodigy for seeking admirers

He walks in a gait
Unswayed by the Samiels
Gentle as creek
Wild as lion untamed
Who rules the world
The hills and dales

When his lips apart
One loses his heart
When words tend to flow
Through his naked tongue so calm
It’s like angels whispering in harmony
Drawn into his alluring adroit charm

The cold floes & silent woes drift enigmatically
Deep in his numb reticent eyes
It’s like thousands of ravens fluttering in the sky
But he’s been holding the fire
Flames of ardour beneath his eyes
It’s like a blaze, a blaze of zest shining from on high

The sky begins to roar and nature’s love unfolds
World gets engrossed, as his artistic
Hands play the sublime chords
And when his aesthetic voice arises, he lands in
The paradise, a way to his haven
Where birds sing song of his freedom & wisdom

Being with him akin to playing with fire
A heaven in the shades of cool blues
His love is fierce as squall, tender as bambino
His love is strong as titanium, pure as virgin snow
His love is novel as shoots caressing the dew
His love is redemption, his love is the cure

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